The idea of establishing an Irish Culture Society in Virginia had been percolating in Bill Halpin’s mind for several years.  For years Bill organized resources to celebrate Irish American Heritage Month with historically themed poster boards, Irish heritage literature and pamphlets, and docents at Fredericksburg area libraries.   He concluded the future would require donations (monetary and/or real estate) to support Irish heritage initiatives beyond Fredericksburg.

In September 2019, he decided it was time to implement. The Irish Culture Center  of Virginia, Inc. was registered in November, a Board of Directors was formed and we received IRS 501c(3) recognition in December.  Timing wasn’t the best.  The virus closed fund raising opportunities through 2020 and 2021.  Then, in early 2022 we began receiving requests to tour the “Center” and donations of books (100) for the “library” and antique Irish dance costumes (6) “for display”.  Currently these items are stored at Bill’s home.

At our spring meeting, the Board of Directors discussed the illusion of a brick and motor facility the word “Center” engenders.  Since we don’t have the resources to lease or buy a “home”, the Board decided to replace the word “Center” with “Society”.   The Commonwealth Corporation Commission approved our request to “do business as” the Virginia Irish Culture Society.  We’re confident men and women interested in Irish culture, heritage and tradition will register with the Society  and share ideas, knowledge and stories.   We’re hoping for increased donations so we’ll eventually have a place to call home and move ahead toward achieving our goals.

All Donations are tax deductible.


All Donations are tax deductible.